Would you like the peace of mind that
comes from being confident that you can
take care of yourself and your loved ones?

We guarantee that if you train with us
You will learn how to successfully defend yourself
In a shorter period of time than in any other system on the planet!

Learn how to manage and overcome fear
Learn grappling and ground fighting skills
Escape and release from grabs and holds
Learn how to use improvised weapons
Utilize your entire body as a weapon
Defend yourself in confined spaces
Defend against punches and kicks
Defend against multiple attackers
Defend against baseball bats
Defend against knifes
Defend against guns

Plus Learn Much More

Call (559) 250 2653
E-mail us at: Golden.Dragon.JKD@Gmail.com

"Making a positive
difference in people's lives-
one noble warrior at a time."

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do Association - (559) 250-2643 - Golden.Dragon.JKD@Gmail.com

The Vision

Posted by GM Nazario on Feb 26, 2012

Our number one goal is that each of our students achieves their personal goals. For the Martial Arts Student the goals vary with one of...

Mission Statement

Posted by GM Nazario on Feb 26, 2012

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do Association was created with a mission to “preserve and perpetuate the Jeet Kune Do way of life”. The quote...

Value Statement

Posted by GM Nazario on Feb 26, 2012

We believe in teaching all of our Martial Arts Programs by not selling our Belt Ranks. We encourage and put into action the importance of...

Student of the Month

Wendell E. Boyd

Sifu Wendell E. Boyd has been a member of Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do (GDJKD) since 1997. He became one of the elite few to ever be certified as an Instructor of Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do by Dr. Sebastian Nazario Grand Master, 10th Dan Black Belt.

Sifu Wendell is very dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the art and science GDJKD, as well as the unselfish teaching of others.

Congratulation Sifu Wendell E. Boyd keep up the good work!

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